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{Review} Truth Seer by Kay L. Moody


Truth Seer
by Kay L. Moody

(Truth Seer Trilogy, #1)
Kindle, 254 pages
Published July 2nd 2018 by Marten Press

Rating: 4/5 stars


A world of lies. A cell of terrorists. When her sister is taken hostage, only the power to see the truth can set both of them free.

Egypt, 2121. Imara Kalu knows how she wants her future to go: Become a police interrogator in Kenya and then graduate as a truth seer in her last semester of the summer training program. But her plans fall apart when a group of terrorists take over the school and carry out a desperate kidnapping. Devastated that her sister is among the victims, Imara leads a rescue team and descends into the dangerous catacombs where the hostages are rumored to be hidden.

Although suspicious of others because of the truth she sees, Imara knows the rescue team will need her help as a truth seer to bypass the lethal illusions laid by the abductors. But as the terrorist traps escalate, Imara realizes how much truth she’s been ignoring and that holding back could get her sister killed. Throughout the journey, Imara confronts her past and amplifies her abilities as a truth seer only to discover that her sister’s kidnapping is just one piece of a much darker secret.

Truth Seer is an enthralling YA sci-fi fantasy novel. If you like tenacious heroes, incredible mind powers, and futuristic tech, then you’ll love Kay L Moody’s fascinating world.

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The synopsis instantly grabbed my attention and I am so glad that I read this.

This novel sets in Egypt in the year 2121 wherein the technology is so much advance that you can easily access it by using your ring to project a hologram. But then, what if you have a hila, which I’m guessing is some kind of sixth sense or superpower? I wish it was explained a bit better tbh.

Imara Kalu, the main character, is a truth seer, which means she can identify if a person if lying as she can see colors that define if that person is nervous, hoping, anxious, etc. She is looking forward to be a police interrogator in Kenya and was set to travel right after the graduation party. Things get chaotic when a group called “taggers” cause a stir in the party and kidnapped a few people, including Imara’s sister Naki. Not going to spoil toooo much, but you’ll have to read this one for sure!

The characters were intriguing, the plot and world building were both developed and interesting, I just wish the characters had more depth tbh.

Overall, I really like the book and I am definitely looking forward for the next one!

*a copy was provided by Marten Press*

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~Author Bio~

Caroline PeckhamKay L Moody is proud to be a female science fiction author. Her books feature cool science and technology, strong female leads, and a dash of romance. There’s a strong focus on character development and societal conditions.

Kay lives in the western United States with her husband and children. She enjoys summertime, learning new things, and doing her nails.

Kay loves books because they provide an escape from the world. She writes so that her books can provide both entertainment and edification. She believes that no matter how difficult life gets, a happy ending is never permanently out of reach.

Visit her website to learn more.

Twitter | Website | Goodreads


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