Hai~ I’m Anastasia! You can call me Ana~

I read everything from Young Adult, Erotica, Contemporary Romance to Distopian, Paranormal/Fantasy and Suspense.

I used to hate reading growing up but ever since I read my first Harry Potter Book, which was the sixth book in the series, I know I probably should have started with this first book, but ya knowww, I had seen all the movies up til that point so I never ended up doing so. I swear after reading The Half-Blood Prince, I absolutely fell in love with reading; the character, world-building, the vivid imagery. J.K Rowlings is truly amazing.  If it wasn’t for reading that HP book, I probably wouldn’t love reading as much as I do today.

So Many Books, So Little Time is a book blog, that I stated in 2011. I have been part of the blogging community for about 10 years now and I love it! I love sharing my thoughts on books, just as much as I love reading them, and I love learning things from the books I read. As you can probably tell I am an avid reader, book collector and complete book fanatic. ~

I’m always looking for new books to read, if you have any books that you think I might like please recommend them! All recommendations are happily welcome and appreciated!

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    1. I have many favourite genres! YA, Fantasy, Erotica, Contemporary, Romance, Dystopian are my top 5 favourites!

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